Archive | July, 2011

116/365 Mosaic Pathway

31 Jul


This path is at a lovely local Cafe. I took the photographs to add to my scrapbook of ideas for my new house.

117/365 Breathtaking View

31 Jul


This is an Autostitched photograph taken from a section we explored.

118/365 Paradise

25 Jul


Life is good!

115/365 Bee Quilt

25 Jul


I have been making this quilt for 5 years! For a number of reasons I put my hobby on the back burner and returned to it last year.

114/365 Mystical

25 Jul


I loved the sight of this boat, on the lake, during my foggy morning walk.

113/365 Winter Wonderland

25 Jul


Wow, I have never seen snow so close to town in the 15 years I have lived here!

112/365 Frosty Moon

25 Jul


Another gorgeous winter start and the moon to make you smile.