Archive | June, 2011

104/365 Taking Pictures

25 Jun


Pictures of people taking pictures!


102/365 The Road to Joy

23 Jun


This is the road to my work! I call it joy because every hour with the students is full of just that, joy. It makes up for all that other stuff!
Enjoy my road to joy, I do!

103/365 What Was I Thinking

20 Jun


I spent an evening listening to Paul Henry, after buying his book. He was brilliant!  The photo, however, is terrible, very fuzzy, so I used one of my iPad photograph apps to hide the fuzz!

The book is a fabulous laugh and so was the evening.

101/365 Wild Stare

18 Jun


While skyping my daughter she decided to show me her pukana. As I was skyping on my iPad I took a screen shot. A pukana is a wild stare used mostly for a Maori Performance to emphasis words in a waiata (song).

100/365 Block Head

18 Jun


I really enjoy the photography apps for iDevices. This time I was playing with the Lego app. It turned a really ugly photograph into a piece of Lego art.

99/365 Techie Brekkie

8 Jun


I know it’s rather late but this is from EducampWelly. Breakfast for geeks, the waitress asked why did we all have our phones out!

98/365 Camera App Fun

8 Jun


Playing with strip design on my iPad2.