Archive | May, 2011

90/365 Kaleidoscope on the iPad2

29 May

The iPad2 comes with an app called Photo Booth. It has nine different effects for photos taken with your iPad camera. This was my favourite one. 




89/365 Powercut

29 May

This photo is from the great storm on the 26th April. There was a great deal of damage done to the forests in our local area. Unfortunately I didn’t have a sim in my iPad at the time as I had only just received it.


88/365 Golfing

27 May


I enjoy walking on the golf course with my camera and watching the expert. I have tried to learn with the local Golf Pro but there is no hope for me, I am afraid. It became a great way to ruin a good walk! So they say.

87/365 Work in Progress

27 May


This has been along time in the making. I dragged it out of storage sometime ago and finished the needlework. Now, I am piecing it together.