Archive | March, 2011

Day 79/365 Aroha

20 Mar

I was playing around with the reflection in my car window and caught a few fun shots. The sign in this shot says Aroha (Love).



Day 78/365 So Close After 16 years

19 Mar

I had to get a shot of the moon that was causing such concern and predictions of things to come. It was the best I could get before my battery went dead. 


Day 77/365 The Road Back

18 Mar

Walking home from the lake tonight we looked back to see the sunset. I liked this shot because the power lines add interest and lead the way home.


Day 76/365 Clover

17 Mar

Happy Saint Patricks!


Day 75/365 Bull Rush!

16 Mar


I used to love playing Bull Rush in the days when we could tackle. My favourite Bull Rush moment was flying over the head of friend, who had tackled me, landing on the grass and skidding on my thighs leaving some magnificent war wounds. Grass grazes! I was so proud even though it hurt like heck.



Day 74/365 Organised Chaos!

15 Mar


Day 73/365 Beautiful and Alone

14 Mar