Archive | February, 2011

Day 60/365 Waiting for my Ride

28 Feb

Start of another day doing a great job!



Day 59/365 Shopping or Planning?

27 Feb



My planning won!

Day 58/365 What Goes Down the Grate Ends Up in the Lake

27 Feb

These are placed all around our town beside drains to remind us be careful what we put down them.  


Day 57/365 Big on Games

27 Feb

At school we have purchased a few big games for playtimes. This connect four is always in play.


Day 56/365 Happy and Safe

27 Feb

Our happy and safe classroom. The painted windows are Rangoli art from our inquiry into Indian art, dance and music last year.


Day 55/365 Hundertwasser

27 Feb

Last year we had an awesome CRT teacher who specialised in art. She has been a great contributor to all the beautiful artwork that adorns our school outside and in. All the students in the school had the opportunity to explore the artworks of Hundertwasser and now their art is displayed on our class buildings.



Day 54/365 What is it with these?

27 Feb

I don’t get the fun of these stilts, I know I loved them when I was a kid (old tin cans back then), but I just don’t get what makes them fun. I love seeing the joy that students get from our 3 sets at school. They are very popular at lunchtimes. Do you know what makes them fun?

I wonder if it’s the feeling of being bigger! When you’re a kid all you want to do is grow-up. Then you become an adult and on occasions you want to grow-down???