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Day 31/365 Peaches and Cream

31 Jan

Where has the first month gone!

I have done some more gardening today and bought these to brighten up a part of my garden. They are cute and pretty. I hope they stay that way for me!



Day 30/365 Great Read

31 Jan

Today I used this great book to sort out my iPod for the car. It didn’t take much and the great thing about it is that the iPod charges while it is playing. Brilliant!


Day 29/365 Lemon Tree

31 Jan

I have wanted to plant a lemon tree for awhile now and when Palmers had a sale it was the right time. I don’t have a natural green thumb but I like to try.

I look forward to looking back on this photo in a year.


Day 28/365 Wow!

28 Jan

It was my lucky day today! I have bought my very first brand new car. It was a long hard decision but I am very, very glad of my decision. After sitting in the car with the dealer and finding out more details of the car before he handed over the keys I realised I had made an excellent choice. The safety features are excellent and the economy is brilliant for the size. I have yet to determine if it is better than my last car but my partner assures me it is.

She drives like a dream and looks classy. My new Holden Cruize CDX. Lucky me!

P.S. the number plate has my lucky number in it…. 8.


Day 27/365 Birthday Wishes

27 Jan

My daughter turned 19 today we had homemade sushi and chocolate mud cake for tea as requested by the birthday girl!

She is off to university soon to her own flat so I bought her a ‘home’ bead for her Pandora bracelet to represent our saying ‘Home is where the heart is’. I also made her a patchwork quilt for her bed.



day 26/365 Where do I start!

27 Jan

I went into school today to work on whole school admin and refreshing our minds with Inquiry Learning ready for our day with @dakinane . Then I spent 3 hours in the afternoon moving furniture and it was 30 degrees! This is how it looked before I got started. It is nice to be back and getting ready for a fresh start.


Day 24/365 Unwelcome Visitor

24 Jan

My teenage daughter was traumatised tonight after she had a shower and wrapped a towel around herself with this creature inside of it!

It is a Tree Weta.

I told her it wouldn’t have got into her towel if she had kept her room tidy. Surprise, surprise someone now has a very tidy room 🙂 .